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Welcome Small or Big Buyers

Price US$9.00 FOB Korea per set
Order Quantity Minimum: 1,000 sets/order
Delivery Minimum Quantity (1,000 sets): within 3 weeks from L/C arrival
20' Container Quantity (4,000 sets): 6-8 weeks from L/C arrival
Packing & Weight Individual box for 1 set / weight: 2 kgs / size: 72cm x 12cm x 5.5cm
Master carton for 10 sets / weight: 21 kgs / size: 74cm x 27cm x 30cm
Shipping Immediate shipping is possible for minimum quantity order.
Assembly Parts 5 straight tubes
9 accessories
3 wire wings
Applicable Heights From floor to ceiling: 210cm (6'11") to 270cm (8'11")
Relocatability Ez-Hanger is easily relocated without disassembly!  Once Ez-Hanger is assembled and installed, it is easy to relocate the Ez-Hanger to other locations thanks to the Inner Spring System and length-adjustable Top Tube.

If you want to relocate, you simply lift up the bottom part by 2-3 inches and slowly let the Inner Spring relax to its full length and then you can move the Ez-Hanger.  Re-installation is the reverse of the relocation procedure.
Color Only white is available.

If you would like more information about Ez-Hanger, please submit our Information Request
Send us an E-mail with your questions to ez-hanger@aimpro.com.

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