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To repay the debt paid for the salvation of my soul.
We help other souls to be saved according to the Bible.

Dynamis Tentmaking Ministry witnesses the sacrifice and the love of Jesus Christ, who saved my soul from falling into hell, to those who are around myself, my home, my church, and my business, so that they can also have the assurance of heaven according to the promises of God in the Bible.
Dynamis Tentmaking Ministry is not one of those big mission organizations nor a mission activity of a large church.  It is a self-supporting Christian who is also a member of CBMC Korea, without much talent or material, who was converted many years ago by the ministry of a Bible Baptist Fellowship International missionary to Korea.   Dynamis now witnesses the same soul-winning Good News to friends, neighbors, and business contacts through local churches.  Now, we are also witnessing via the World Wide Web.
We are showing the simplest and most assured ROAD TO HEAVEN recorded in the Bible to our friends, neighbors, Koreans and Filipinos through our business activities in Korea and the Philippines.  But the same Good News applies to anyone who cares for his own own soul after his own physical death.

Unlike 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ and His disciples were preaching on earth, the speed of the Good News is spreading extremely fast now.  For that purpose, God has sent a talented and dedicated CBMC USA (Christian Business Men's Committee, USA) member to my limited activities and provide another way for the humble Dynamis Tentmaking Ministry to introduce God's Free Gift to cybersouls.

We live a life in which we are always making a choice between right and wrong.  Some people say that there is "and" between Heaven and Hell to make a joke.  But the Bible clearly says that there is no place for you between Heaven and Hell.  If your life ends today, you will be in either one of these two permanant destinations for all eternity.

Here are two buttons that you can click according to your choice today.   No matter how long you've been attending church (or if you never have), if you cannot answer to yourself honestly that you know you will go to Heaven even if your life were to end tonight, the click the button to Salvation.

If you are already assured of your Salvation by faith, then you may click the button to Mission.   Both buttons may lead you to the position where you may once have to make the most important choice in your life.

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