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Mohawk Finishing Products, Inc.
Furniture Touch-up, Repair, and Finishing Products

    Mohawk Finishing Products, Inc.

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About Mohawk Finishing Products

Show Your True Colors with Mohawk Finishing Products

For half a century, Mohawk Finishing Products has worked with furniture repair professionals to restore the sheen and bring back the beauty in all kinds of furniture.  As the world leader in touch-up, repair, and finishing products, we at Mohawk take pride in our work and, like you, we bring an in-depth knowledge and a love of craftsmanship to every product we make.  Our products are easy to apply and the Mohawk system of touch-up can be used at the manufacturing facility, the furniture store backroom, hotels, and even in the home and office.

A Range of Products for Every Purpose
No matter what kind of wood or finish you need to touch up or repair, you can depend on Mohawk to have just the right product in just the right shade or color.  Our line includes wax filters, melt-in sticks, and semi-transparent and solid color products in aerosols and markers for a range of repair problems from scratches to nicks to deep gouges and broken corners.  Our fade-resistant products come in every hue and shade, permitting you to create an exact match when you must replace color on stained or painted finsihes.  We also have difficult-to-find tools and an extensive selection of hardware for the furniture repair professional.

We Go Beyond Products with Service and Support
Our well-tested products are only the beginning.  Mohawk backs up its product line with extensive service and support systems, including more than 50 hands-on workshops throughout the United States and Canada, where you will learn how to assess the types and severity of damage to furniture and be instructed in proper repair procedures.  We also offer a training video which you can view at your own convenience.  If you have a need for a particular color on a repair project, talk to one of our experienced field reps about our custom color match service.

Mohawk – Your Total Solution
You might think of us as your total solution.  No other manufacturer comes close to offering you the range of touch-up, finishing, and repair products that Mohwak does.  And no other manufacturer is so highly attunded to your needs.  In fact, when you work with Mohawk Finishing Products, you'll not only show your true colors on a furniture touch-up job — you'll come through with flying colors.

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